Monday, July 14, 2014

Sundays in Guatemala

Sundays in Guatemala are always the most special of days and today was no exception. The highlight is undoubtedly the worship service in the wonderful temple that Hearts for the Children built in the village of Embaulada. The kinship that our team feels with our Guatemala brothers and sisters as we pray, sing, dance, and listen to a sermon is overwhelming. Doing all of this In the Monte de Sion Iglesia is extra special. With the assistance of Children's Director Kyle Moore we also always have a wonderful skit and children's activity prepared for the children's portion of worship. The acting talents were led by Josi Elder, Grace Florence, Olivia Trankina, and Sally Lorimer. All of our youth participated with the kids in their colorful craft activity. After the service was another highlight - the ribbon cutting to the new playground. The Due West Children's VBS donations from last year led to the completion of a wonderful playground constructed by the men of the Monte de Sion church. Notice the vivid colors that are so typical of Guatemalan culture.

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