Sunday, July 13, 2014

What a Glorious Day!

We spent the day in Embaulada, the village (now almost a town) we have worked with all these years. The boys and Dale Hajost and Steve Mulaik ran a pinewood derby in the afternoon for the church cub scout pack which was a huge success. As amazed as the cub scouts were in the computers and such we used to run the race, we marveled more at how well behaved they were! God is working his magic in their lives.
While the pinewood derby roared on we also ran an eye clinic in the nearby church. Julie Poteet, Shelby Allen, Beth Elder, and Curtis Grayer gave the gift of seeing up close to dozens who we checked with our our newly loaned autorefractor. This device will let us evaluate so many more people; it truly is a blessing to have it with us.
In the spirit of the World Cup, following the eye clinic and PWD, our kids played football (THE OTHER FOOTBALL) with the local kids in the street of the village square. Needless to say playing in the rain and in the street was a whole new experience. The little village kids took much glee in swiftly passing around us and then jumping into a nearby puddle splashing water all over you. No one kept score but we all had to take showers when we returned so we think the little kids won, but this is why we come. We want them to know that they are winners in OUR eyes and CHRIST's.
The highlight of the day has to go to Beth who organized and ran a mini Zoomba class at the community center. We danced, exercised and laughed to Beth's instructions. The kids young and old had a blast. The best part was watching Pastor Tom and Dale Hajost get their "groove on" showing us that God wants us and rewards us when we get out of our comfort zone to bring Christian fellowship and love to others in innovative ways. Thanks Beth!
PineWood Derby Set Up
PineWood Derby Winner

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