Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guatemala Day Nine - The Return Trip

I wanted to write one last time to say thank you for all the prayers; the support that Due West has given us over the past seven years; and all the comments about the blog. We had some late nights trying to get it done. Thanks to all who allowed us to post pictures and a big thanks to Melanie for staying up even later than I sometimes to make sure the message was posted and the pictures were in.

Our last day was an early rise, a long ride home and it was a welcoming site as we touched down in ATL. One of the last gifts was the sunrise we about 4:30 in the morning as we headed to the airport in Guatemala City. Posted the only shot I got. I'm sure there are some better ones (Mike and I were back with the luggage and it was a tough shot to get from the back) :).

I'm sure you have already heard many stories and be prepared to hear many more. Plans are already in the works for a Mission Fiesta in August. We will let you know more about that in the coming weeks.

Until next time...Vaya con Dios!
The Guatemala Mission Team

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