Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guatemala Day Eight –“There’s no way this mission is already over!”

It always sneaks up on you…the last full day in Guatemala. We have prepared for months to be here and then the week flies by. The mood tonight is of disbelief and mixed emotions. So many are excited about going home to their own bed and getting a shower, but then we have enjoyed this time together so much they don’t want it to end. There were a lot on the agenda for today and we were able to accomplish them all.
This morning we woke pretty early to leave for Guatemala City to worship with the homeless in the city there and to reach the lost in the area. It is an area of drug addiction, prostitution, and violence. We were also prepared to serve breakfast to them and provide a medical clinic to the homeless.
It’s always a long ride into Guatemala and we didn’t leave exactly when we wanted to. By the time we got to the city plans had to be modified. We ate breakfast first which is very different from past trips. We had always worshiped with them first, served them and then ate. It did give some of us time to set up the clinic and pharmacy while worship was going on.
The day was a blur… We were eating one moment, worshiping or doing set up the next moment, and moving people through the clinic the next. There are always some very interesting cases when we go into the city. You will see evidence of knife fights, drug abuse and malnutrition. We go where the need is and there is certainly a lot of need in Guatemala City.
As soon as we had started we were finished so soon, and heading back to the mission house. We always have a wonderful last night. The Allan Family always sends us off right. We have the equivalent of a fiesta, with a mariachi band, fireworks, a wonderful meal and lots of dancing. It was sad to have to say goodbye to all the people we have grown so close to in the past week. There were definitely tears of sadness as we said goodbye.
To close out the night Dale provided the final devotion and shared with us the message he spoke to the congregation here in Guatemala when he visited in March. It was a moving testimony that really spoke to why we are here in Guatemala. Dale had a near death experience here in Guatemala his first year here. You would think that would keep him away, but as he tells it that was his “awaking experience” and drew him closer to God. Dale shared much with us tonight and yes…more tears.
It is time to draw this mission trip to a close. We have had the amazing opportunity to touch the people of Guatemala and the Holy Spirit has certainly touched our lives during this trip. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support. It is the 3,000+ back home that have also made this trip what it is.
Thank you and God Bless,
Chris Moss and the Guatemala Mission Team

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  1. Great to keep up here! See y'all back at Due West after what I know was a great trip for GOd!