Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guatemala Mission - Day 1 (felt like 2 days)

Day one always seems to be so long. We are up early in the morning, meeting to "vanpool" to the airport, flying for three hours and then a long trip to the mission house. I know for most, travel days can really drain you.

This team has made this years travel day a little bit easier. For this to happen you have to start the day off right. Adults and students were on time and ready to go. We also had a wonderful send-off with family and friends. The trip to the airport was easy (Thank you Andy, Gordon and Pete)! The flight was a somewhat quiet one and we had no issues going through the airport.

Our bus driver from last year Mochelon helped get us from the airport to the mission house. It is so nice to ride togther. Even though it is essentially a school bus it is a great way to travel in Guatemala. We recieved some great news on the ride to the mission house...Mochelon is now a Christian. He accepted Christ after many prayers from our team, Tom and especially his wife.

Saturday will be a day to realx in the morning but the pew team will be working right away. Another group will be heading into Embalauda to play with the kids and Dale, Ken and Derek are ready to start a Cub Scout Pack.

We had a late lunch after unloading the bus and the team went right to work. The medical team began to separate and organize the medicine while the construction team went right to work on the pews. We have already made great progress on the pews and the medical team is ready for action.

We hope to post each night so check back again tomorrow night. Pictures will be posted tomorrow as well!

God Bless You All!
The Guatemala Mission Team


  1. So glad to hear the flight went well--been praying for guys like crazy. But I have to be honest --I can't seem to get those 3 Rogers girls off my mind:) amy

  2. I'm glad the 'dreaded' travel day is behind you and you can begin your work!. I picture the pews full of worshipers singing , praying and listening to the preached Word!! anne Norman