Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guatemala Day Five – And the “Real” Work Begins

We knew this day would come soon… that we would actually get started on the mission we were called to do here. We have had some fantastic days of mission work so far, don’t get me wrong. We have all been anticipating the start of the clinic mission and the pew builders have gotten into a grove and were anxious to finish the work we had started.
The start of the day was early for the pew builders. Not only did we need Alex and Bubba cutting the legs and frame of the pew so early in the morning, we also needed a crew building a table before the medical team left for the hair washing crew. They were the best “Cut-ups” and it couldn’t have been done without them. Once the remaining team members were in place it was like a pew factory. Charlie and Montie had a plan to move production up to make sure we saw our goal achieved. The personal touch was not over looked as the team made sure that everything was made with the realization that these pews would be used in the church in Embaulada. Once the “cut-ups” had the boards cut Chloe and Joe were part of the leg and frame assembly team and Ron, Mike, Montie and Ken were assembling the frames. Matt and I did finish work while our fearless leader, Charlie, was a master of all.
We all worked well past lunchtime as we waited for the medical team to return. With great determination we now have 20 eight foot pews and 2 four foot pews almost complete. There was some extra time today so Matt and Mike routed the back sides of the pews which was an added bonus to the work we had already done. The remaining four pews should be completed tomorrow if the additional materials that we need make it to the mission house. We will also spend the rest of the day doing detailed work and lots of sanding.
The medical team had its first day today. We were driven to a town named Barcenas in which our bus driver acts almost as the mayor. Mocholon is a big man by Guatemalan standards and carries with him a larger than life presence. We were to operate this clinic in his neighborhood. All of the people that we were to see were his friends, family, and neighbors. The building we utilized was the community center which was attached to the local school.
The set up went unusually smooth – possibly owing to the fact that we rehearsed the whole operation the night before. Everyone knew their job and knew where to go.
Entry gate control was led by Janet, Derek, and Stuart. The crowd that came was very organized and generally respectful of each other. They even let the elderly ladies first in line. They were led to the triage table which was run by Sabine, Asa, Jennifer, and Jordyn. This team was smooth as silk as they took down the vitals and annotated the symptoms of the patients. After that they were led to either Cindi, Jon, or Tom. Cindi generally took the women that were in need of women’s care and possibly pap tests. Jon and Tom took the rest. Assisting these professionals was Carolyne and a host of translators associated with the Allan family and the ministry.
At the same time Kathy was taking dental hygiene patients. She was assisted by her local friend named Carmelina.
After the comforting care they received from these professionals the patients were led to the pharmacy where they were given their prescribed meds by Melanie and Caroline as well as vitamins and pills that would treat pinworms. The last stage in the process was led by Morgan and Dale who gave each patient four bags of food (frijoles, sugar, flour, and sugar) as well as a hygiene kit and possibly a beanie baby for their children. Their most important job was to spend some time praying with and for each patient and their family before they left. They also promoted the hair salon which was located a little bit away at Marcholon’s garage.
The hair salon was led by Carolyn who had a team of talent to include Alex, Jessica, Libbi, and Ashley. They cut and washed hair and de-liced if necessary.
We’d like to think that all members of today’s team heeded the admonishment of Jesus who said in Matthew 20:28 said, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”
After the medical team finished for the day, they rejoined the pew team at the mission house for a wonderful late lunch (one that would pretty much carry us into the evening…so good). Then with a combined team we left for Embaulada to help out with the Children’s club. It is an afternoon program that gives the mother’s in the community a time for Bible study while we took the children out to play. We gave piggyback rides, played some of the local kid’s games and had a pretty intense game of soccer.
This has been a wonderful day with so much accomplished for the Lord. We here in Guatemala appreciate so much the prayers and the support we have received. God is doing great things through your missionaries here in Guatemala. Please continue to let others know what is happening here and the work we are doing. Most importantly please keep the prayers coming as they are certainly felt and appreciated.
Looks like tomorrow will be a mirror of what was done today; however, we will still post an update of the day’s events tomorrow!
The Guatemala Mission Team…

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  1. Seeing the sweat shirts is kinda funny since we are in the high 90's here - somehow you always think South must mean hotter. Love you all-Our God is good always:)