Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Just Another Wednesday

Day Six on the Guatemala Mission
Today was another first for the Guatemala Mission Team…instead of taking the team to a site for a clinic we brought the clinic to us. The people Embaulada, Santa Rosa, Gorion and other surrounding villages came to the mission house to receive medical treatment from the doctors, nurses and other specialist. We had a hair wash team set up just outside the mission house, the waiting room and triage were in the church tent and the doctors and pharmacy were set up in the mission house itself. It was one of the easiest clinics this week. The set up made things go so smoothly. The people were so nice and so appreciative.
One amazing story from the day was a mom and son that were receiving treatment, but the most impactful part was when Odie, Dr. John and several others prayed for the mom and son who were having problems at home. They prayed for the father, not only for the medical issues that he was experiencing but also for the stress it was brining to the family. They prayed that he would be healed and that he would come to the church. But the story does not end there… the father did return and he did see the doctors. One of the issues that they noticed was his eyesight. They were testing his eyes and thought that vision issues might be part of the problem. Caitlin noticed the exam from the pharmacy and mentioned that she had brought some glasses from home that the father could have if it would help him. They had the father put on the glasses to test the strength and it really made a difference. This is just one of the cool experiences we have had while here in Guatemala. We have many more to share when we get home.
Wednesday night is another night of worship here at the church. This time we did not go to the church in Embaulada but stayed at the mission house church in case someone needing medical attention came to the service. The praise and worship team once again did a great job, this time acoustic style. They once again rocked the house with “Tómalo” and played 3 other songs in Spanish. The cool thing is that they are getting so comfortable singing in Spanish.
After the worship time and offering, the youth and a few adults took the children for children’s church time and the rest of the team stayed to hear testimonies from the adults. The adults were blown away from testimonies and how amazing God has worked through their lives. The children’s church time was on Daniel and the Lion’s den. The youth did a puppet performance in Spanish with paper sack puppets with only one lion. We stopped the show so that the kids could color their own lion puppet to be a part of the performance as well.
Another great ending to another great day, good night from Guatemala and God Bless!


  1. What an amazing experience to be able to provide essentials to people who absolutely need it, from medical care to prayer care. You folks rock and I want to hear a concert in Spanish when ya'll return.

  2. John is right...what a blessing to be able to help those in need. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!