Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Saw Jesus

The Last Day – Homeward Bound
It is the last day and we are all heading back to Atlanta (literally, I am typing this as we sit on the plane). We are ready for rest, sleep in our own bed, and seeing family and friends. We are not going into much detail about the flight home, but we do want to post the devotion that Janet Holbrook wrote for this morning’s devotion. It is beautiful and really summons up the trip.
I Saw Jesus
I saw Jesus the other day…He was wearing a stethoscope and scrubs and listening to the lungs of a little girl to be sure she didn’t have pneumonia. He looked a lot like Dr. John (and Tom), but I’m sure it was Jesus. There was such concern and care in his eyes, and genuine love for His children.
I saw Jesus the other day…sometimes He was playing a guitar, sometimes drums, or He was even singing. And the crowds who came to see Him were caught up in the excitement of worshipping and praising God. He sometimes reminded me of Thomas, or Bubba, or Joe, or Alex, or Asa, or Sara. But I’m sure it was Jesus.
I encountered Jesus the other day… He was loading a truck with medical equipment that would be used to clean the teeth of kids who have never been to a dentist, and cooking equipment used to feed a mission group, and chairs for a worship service. At times He looked like Mike or Charlie, or Curt, or one of the young men from my church, but I’m sure it was Jesus. His brow was sweating and His limbs were tired, but He kept at his task, knowing that those in need would be served.
I saw Jesus the other day…he really looked very similar to Carolyn, Jessica and Cheryl Lee. But it must have been Him. He was tenderly combing the freshly cleaned and disinfected hair of God’s beautiful children. And I am certain that it was Jesus in the pharmacy this week, but Chris, Melanie and Caroline came into my view. But it certainly was Him because he so lovingly provided the people with the medication needed to make them feel better and bring some relief to their lives of hardship.
Jesus moved about in amazing speed this week… He was playing with the children, helping in the pharmacy, assisting the doctors, taking blood pressure, welcoming the patients and getting vital information about their pains and illnesses, all with a heart filled with unselfish charity and love. I know it was Him. He worked with unending dedication and the energy of youth, but he looked like Caitlin, Chris and Odie.
I saw Jesus the other day…He was working in the dental clinic. He tenderly cleaned children’s teeth, working to the point of exhaustion. It must have been Him. Who else could demonstrate such devotion to bring the Kingdom of God to others by serving so tirelessly? He sure looked a lot like our friend Kathy, a hygienist, but it just had to be Him.
Jesus was seen ministering to the women the other day. He gently administered to those needing screening for abnormalities. He resembled Chloe, then Lyndy, then Cindi, but it certainly must have been him. He calmed the ladies much like He calmed the seas and sought to save lives, both physically and spiritually.
I saw Jesus the other day…He was working tirelessly and behind the scenes, organizing a life-changing experience for a group of teens and adults. He encouraged them to pray, fast and bring his message of salvation to their world thru their witness, both orally and thru deeds. He looked an awful lot like Dale, sometimes like Chris, but surely it was Jesus because He was aglow with the spirit of our Lord.
I saw Jesus the other day…He had so many faces, but they all reminded me of a group of young people at my church. He played unceasingly with the children, tossing them thru the air, kicking the soccer ball with them, coloring, presenting a puppet drama from the Bible, giving them piggyback rides, washing lice from their hair, giving them shoes, sharing hugs, all to bring several minutes of joy and laughter into their lives. But it couldn’t have been anyone but Jesus because He loves His children so.
How could Jesus be in so many places? Because He has sent us, His disciples to be His body with all its many parts to carry on His work.
Thanks for all your prayers!
The Guatemala Mission Team

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