Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guatemala Day 2

Day two in Guatemala started with a relaxing morning. A few slept in while others took advantage of the time this morning to read and have quiet time.
Most of the team was able to tour the new church and all of the work that had been done so far. It is so close to being complete that you can feel the excitement in the mission team.
The rest of the morning was spent sorting clothes and packaging rice, beans and sugar to hand out to the families in Guatemala City during the concert at night.
A first for everyone on the team happened today… we rode on a Mass Transit bus or as we like to call them “Chicken Buses”. Due to the issues with transportation we needed a large bus to get the team down the mountain and into Guatemala City.
Tonight we had our big concert that we have been waiting so long to do. We had the whole street blocked off and a stage built with scaffolding right in front of the Mary Magdalene house. Everyone was so excited to see the band on a huge banner in front of the house. It took several hours to get everything in place and to top it all off it was raining off and on pretty hard. It is Guatemala and it does rain so it is expected.
The concert was a huge success. Not only because the band did great but it also drew in many and we had a great opportunity to hand out clothes and food to the locals. To end an already long day we rode back to the mission house for devotion and bed time!


  1. We are so proud of you all! Keep up the hard work. We love you all!

  2. wow...just wow...what a great feeling that must have been! thanks be to God for affording you all this opportunity to spread His Love ... thanks for sharing the pic and just wow ;) Love you all!!

  3. Loved the video...what a great way to share the love of Jesus. Blessing on each of you!

  4. What a great video of an awesome bunch of young people. I am so proud of the work and effort the band and the mission team as a whole have put into this trip.